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Best Inversion Table & Buying Guide

Best Inversion Table Review & Buying Guide Inversion Therapy, or what some people would call Organic or Gravitational Decompression, is a procedure by which a person is suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. Consequently, there is a specialized equipment for this kind of treatment, and that is an Inversion Table. […]

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Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review

Introduction Do you always seem to have backaches or body pains near your spinal area?  The most likely causes for that would be fatigue, stress, or bad posture. One surefire way to treat that is with an exerpeutic inversion table.  This chair has a special design that helps those with constant backaches and back problems. […]

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Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 LTD Review

Introduction Inversion tables are designed to help relieve pain in the spine and related areas which often results in a painful back or joint aches. They can help prevent spinal surgeries and also help you achieve a better posture, enable better circulation of blood and provide immediate relief to pain. In this article, I will […]

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Teeter ep 970 Inversion Table Review

Teeter Hang Up EP 970 ltd Inversion Table Review Introduction Inversion tables are a great alternative to spinal surgeries They are extremely advantageous and help to expand blood dissemination, ease muscle pressure and fits, and above all, alleviate the pain in the back and related areas. In this article, you will be given the Teeter […]

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