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How To Cure Back Pain Naturally Fast at Home (Updated 2021)

Back pain, the term alone can cause pain in your brain. For many of us it’s a pain in the butt, and if you take the literal meaning then it’s a bit above that!

A little bit of imbalance in walking, or sleeping, or even sitting and it makes life a living hell. Then you go and pop some tablets to soothe it up.

If it was a one-time thing that’d be okay but popping tablets after tablets? It isn’t. You want a natural and long-term solution. And, you got to know how to cure back pain naturally and effectively.

We’ve got some practical tips that are going to help you if you’re sincere about it. Read on below to find out the natural method that suits you.


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1. Get a Stronger Core

The first thing many physical therapists and experts of “mechanics of the Body” always emphasize on is getting a stronger core. A stronger core means more stability and balance to your physical structure.

The muscles on your abs and back are critical for your spine. It gets a lot of support from those muscles. So working on those muscles means more support for your spine and more balance while you do your activities.

You will need to target these muscles with specific workouts as they are not as much utilized in your daily activities as you and I would’ve liked.

Start out with 10-15 minutes back and abs workouts for beginners and work your way up to 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

That ought to do much benefit to your physical structure as a whole.

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2. Restrict Your Bed Rest Time

Doctors recommend the patients with back pain problems to stop taking long bed rests. They suggest restricting your bed rest period to 3 days at max.

Their words have a base as studies have shown that patients who suffer from low back pain and rest more experience more trouble while doing their daily activities than those who stay active.

Mike Flippin, a specialist in the back and spine care, encourages his patients to stay active as long as they can. As he says, active limbs are less prone to crumbling to pain compared to rested limbs.

How To Cure Back Pain Naturally when sleeping

3. Create an Exercise Regimen

This point is essential for all people. Not just people with back pain. An active body is much less prone to strains and joint pains than a non-active body.

If you keep your muscles continually working, they will absorb more stress without making you suffer. But if you do not work your muscles, then even wind can cause you pain.

In case you spend most of your time sitting or being in one place, then create an exercise regimen for your abs and back especially.

Exercises work wonders for patients with lower back pain. These exercises help you to restore your muscles and protect you from future suffering.

Some practices that proved to be useful in reducing back pain are;

  • Walking on a flat surface.
  • Cobra Pose.
  • Push Up.
  • MedAppsStanding backbends.

Best Regimen for Back Pain

Check out best yoga poses for back pain & relief your pain effectively:

4. Achieve Greater Body Flexibility

cure back pain at home

Greater body flexibility means your body can take more stress than usual without hurting itself in the process. It just says that your muscles become more sturdy and robust in their flexing and retracting properties.

When your muscles can take these strains of constant walking, long time sitting or uneven sleeping positions, it means your back is safe.

If you’re not flexible, then just a bit here and there while walking or sleeping can cause you severe back pain in a moment. It means your muscles are not used to these strains as you kept them unused for most of their lives.

How do you expect your weak and non-flexible muscles to counter some imbalances that happen while doing your activities?

You shouldn’t. Work on your flexibility and live a flexible life.

Achieve your flexibility. Read more about flexibility:

5. Ice and Heat, Get that Back pain Beat

Smoothen out the pain with hot and cold therapy. Cold temperature blocks the processing of nerve signals to stop feeling pain. Heat relaxes your cramped up muscles, increases blood circulation and brings more oxygen into your muscles to alleviate pain.

Use your frozen chickpeas or whatever that you got in your refrigerator and do 20 minutes’ cold therapy for a day, and the next day, use a heating pad for 20 minutes.

Continue this way until you feel relief from pain.

Cold therapy does two things;

  • It reduces inflammation in your muscles which is the most likely reason for any pain.
  • And as said above, it stops pain signals from getting to your brain.

Heat therapy also does two essential things;

  • Increases blood flow and relaxes muscles.
  • Subsidizes pain

Ice & hot good for back pain? Check our in details about ice & hot therapy:

6. Maintain Perfect Body Posture

It might have been yesterday when you started to feel the pain, but don’t be surprised to hear that it’s been building over the years.

Your lousy posture while sleeping, walking, sitting or any of your activities is the leading cause of it.

Your spine has a natural curve, your back muscles and hip muscles have a natural shape. So if your posture works against these natural shapes, it means terrible for your body.

The first thing you need to do is correct your sitting, sleeping and standing posture. Maintain a natural spine curve when you do your activities.

Such as sleeping, when you sleep;

  • Put a pillow under your knee if you sleep while facing upwards..
  • Keep a pillow between your knees if you sleep sideways.
  • MedAppsAnd never sleep facing downwards.

When you sit, keep your back as close as possible to your chair. Don’t bend! Keeping the back at its natural curvature takes away a lot of unnecessary pressure.

When you stand, keep your chest forward. Stop crouching.

Bad posture is the common cause for back pain. Read more about posture:

7. Stretch Those Hamstrings!

It may not be as evident to you, but hamstring can seriously affect how your back reacts to certain strains and pressures.

Hamstrings are such a critical part of our body balance.

Weak hamstring means your back has to give more support during walks and runs. Strong hamstring can take away a lot of pressure from your back.

Hamstrings have a direct link to how your hips and waist work. Both muscle and nerve link. If somehow your hamstring is injured, your back will take the pressure.

Maintain a stretching routine in the mornings to keep those hamstrings from getting lazy.

Read more about Hamstrings Exercises:

8. Restore Your Sleep Cycle

Irregularity in your sleeping is one of the leading causes of any pain. Especially neck and back pain is a result of irregular sleeping cycles. If your sleep cycle is upside down, then it’s only natural that your sleep won’t be as good as it should be.

In case you’re not getting good enough sleep, then change your sleep cycle. Stop working during night time, start working early in the morning. That way you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

If you were troubled by insomnia for some time, then you need to restore the sleep you lost by sleeping in for more extended periods.

Work a little less for few days; it will do you good in the future.

Sleep cycle restore procedure. Read more:

9. Get High On Your Endorphins

Endorphins, what’s that! Is it a drug? 

Well, kind of, but the right kind of drug. And the good news is that your body produces it naturally by itself. It’s not known to many, but they carry a lot of potential as a medication for pain.

When endorphins are cut loose, they alleviate your pain by blocking the pain signals from the source to getting into your brain. Not only that but they also help with anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

We all know these are somehow related to back pain and makes the situation lot worse by playing with your brain.

Try these activities below to release more endorphins in your body;

  • Aerobic Exercise.
  • Medication in the Mornings.
  • MedAppsMassage Therapy.

Increase Endorphins Naturally:

10. Adjust Your Sleeping Position

The amount of rest you get is vital so as the position you sleep in during your rest.

Now, you may ask, how to cure back pain naturally by adjusting one’s sleeping position?

Guess what, many experts on spine and back care say that sleeping in a wrong position for some time is the main reason why people suffer from back pain.

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re an upward facing sleeper, then use pillows under your knees. If you sleep sideways, then keep a pillow between your knees.

Don’t hold your hands in a bent position when sleeping. The key idea is to maintain a natural body structure when you’re resting.

Good Sleep Position

Adjust Your Sleeping Position within few minute:

11. Is Your Mattress The Enemy?

Remember when the last time you changed your mattress was? There’s no hard and fast rule but using a mattress for over 9-10 years is usually not ideal.

The average lasting period for a mattress is about ten years. After that, it becomes just a thick sheet of foam. And a firm mattress is more likely to hurt your back rather than giving you relaxation.

So if your mattress has lived for about ten years or so, it’s time you think about getting a new one.

Many studies have pointed over the years that the patients who use medium-firm mattresses suffer less from lower back pains that those who sleep on firm beds.

Choose your best mattresses for back pain:

12. Rub-ba Dub Dub!

Experiencing back pain has one merit to it. It’s a chance to get regular weekly spa massages from your favorite masseuse. Rubbing those areas around the pain can alleviate the soreness and stiffness and cause relaxation.

The leading causes of these back pain are mostly the stiff muscles that get strained. Your spa visits can do you right by flexing and relaxing those muscles.

There are specific massages that target the soreness you got from straining your back muscles and joints. The hip joints and your spine also needs massages to relieve lower back pain.

It does not need any more proving that massages work wonders such as;

  • Reduced back pain.
  • Improved function of your back.
  • MedAppslessens the need for anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • MedAppsReduces the duration of bed rest.

13. Get Some Massages with Oils & Ointments

Try getting a massage from spa centers or ask your partner for a session. There are plenty of oils and ointments available to use for pain relief. Such as;

  • Cayenne
  • Comfrey
  • Brazilian arnica
  • CBD oil

  • Cayenne
  • Brazilian arnica
  • Comfrey

Studies have shown that topical medicines can work just as the oral counterparts. These medications come in the form of oils, ointments, creams, etc.

One study suggests that if you mix cayenne pepper with lavender oil or such natural oils/lotions, it works wonderfully to alleviate pain.

There are some other creams that you can use. Always look for the elements below when you choose one;

  • Ibuprofen (Nurofen Or Dolgit).
  • Lidocaine (Lidoderm).
  • Diclofenac (Voltaren).

14. Interrupted Sitting Periods & Good Sitting Posture

Interrupt your sitting sessions… or if you can, sit as little as you can. Work for a few minutes while standing, frequently change your positions.

You can divide your work into sessions of 30 minutes, 40 minutes. Do some walking between working sessions. Keep those limbs and muscles active.

When you sit for a long time in a single period, it causes stiffness in your muscles. Stiff muscles can cause you pain.More extended sittings mean more pressure on your back and spine.

If you do not sit properly, you’re sure to harm your body. Correct your sitting posture keeping your spine at its natural curve.

15. Chiropractor To The Rescue

If it has become nearly impossible for you to get rid of your back pain by yourself, we suggest you see a Chiropractor for help. That’s the ultimate solution.

Physical therapy can bring your limbs and muscles back to their original working state. It eradicates the stiffness in muscles and weakness in your limbs by constant repetition of movements.

It targets those areas with pain and strain. Chiropractors may not get the deserved recognition from the common folk, but anyone who suffers from joint pains knows their value.

A few months ago, a chiropractor straightened an unnaturally curved back of a boy. He couldn’t straighten his back because of excruciating pain. But after continuous therapy of 6 months, he gained a more natural posture.

So if you’re on the brink of hopelessness, go to a chiropractor.

Get chiropractor for relief back pain:

16. Before We Let You Go…

There’s another method you can try at your own accord. That is the “Inversion Therapy.”

Inversion therapy requires you to hang upside down for few minutes, that means your head will be hanging downwards. Your leg will hang from the top.

Although there are not much authentic research about this method, patients have reported that it works as a short-term solution. It can also be a part of a routine to reduce back pain.

It is applied with the purpose of relieving pressure from the spine and thus reducing pain. The idea behind this therapy is reducing the pressure of gravity on the spine by hanging your body inversely.

The observation of the spine being compressed by the weight of different limbs due to gravity lead to this method. What this method does is that, in this method, the weight is removed from the spine letting it be relaxed. This way, the spine can decompress and get relief from pain.

However, the evidence of this method being successful is mixed. Medical practitioners don’t recommend this method to people with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.

Read details about inversion therapy:

Finally, our advice to you would be that “Don’t be like jack,” because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Be active, be spontaneous. This tells how to cure back pain naturally.

Don’t worry about getting cramps while exercising. Keep a relaxed mind. If you have control over your brain, you can ease any pain.

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