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Exercise is good for us; it improves our health, helps us to look good and feel better while also being excellent for out mental well-being.

Strength training is an excellent all-round activity benefiting the heart while strengthening bones and also promoting weight loss.

Many also look to exercise to relieve pain and prefer to use a product in the comfort of their own home.

Inversion tables are promoted to relieve back pain from conditions such as sciatica or improve your posture through the use of strength training, and if you are considering this, you should take a look at the Innova fitness ITX9600 review below.

Feature & Benefits

The Innova ITX9600 review tells us that this model includes an adjustable headrest pad for comfort while inverting along with the six-position adjustable pin system with a protective cover for an easier positioning and safer inversion.

It also includes the true balance system for you to find your own center of gravity according to your convenience.

It also comes with a largely padded backrest for maximum comfort while inverting.

Like all Innova products, it caters to people between the height ranges of 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches and weight of up to 300 pounds.

Pros & Cons of Innova fitness itx9600


  • It is very affordable.
  • It includes true balance system for easier inverting.
  • The six-position adjustable pin system is great for its price.


  • Cannot add extra accessories.
  • It is difficult to store even after it has been folded.

Safety and Design

A concern mentioned when talking about using inversion table is safety, the user is positioned upside down in therapy designed to relieve pressure on the spine this helps to reduce back pain.

The Innova ITX9600 is a heavy duty deluxe inversion table with a number of features to promote safe use.

Firstly, it’s made of heavy gauge steel tubing making it suitable for users up to 300lbs while still feeling stable, it is easily adjustable for height. But it’s really the new reversible ankle holding system which needs mentioning, the U-shaped holders and foam rollers can now be switched around to position the rollers at the front or back to give a more secure hold.

Innova fitness itx9600 review

This along with the 6 positions adjustable pin system (with added protective cover) which makes adjusting the angle much easier than the other tether strap systems while also ensuring that the inversion is consistent time after time, only adds to the safety while in use.

Foam handlebars are included to help safely return to an upright position.

Comfortable inversion

Features included in the Innova ITX9600s, design also increase comfort for the user. The True Balance System which allows the user to find their unique center of gravity giving a smooth inversion therapy experience.

This also has a triple adjustment with height, headrest and foot alterations possible to micromanage the center of gravity.

The is longer, wider and well padded, as is the adjustable headrest making the backrest inversion position more comfortable to maintain.

The ability to position the thick foam rollers at the front or rear of the ankle gives an ergonomic ankle hold which is tailored to the preference of the user. The handlebars are also covered with soft foam allowing a comfortable return from the inversion.

While the 6-position inversion pin system ensures a consistent inversion position that is hard to achieve with models using a tether strap system, so once a comfortable position is found it can be repeated every time.

Much thought has been put into the comfort of users which is an added bonus in an inversion therapy table which will not break the budget. This is certainly likely to encourage purchases of this model.

Assembly and Storage

The Innova ITX 9600 does require home assembly by someone with at least a basic knowledge of DIY; the table frame is assembled first using screws and nuts and bolts with the backrest and other components being added afterward.

Due to the many features that have been included to ensure the comfort of the user there are a number of parts to assemble and reviews comment on the need for patience as it takes 30 minutes to an hour or more to complete.

Tools are needed to complete the process but they are all included as are instructions for each step.

Obviously, each step needs to be followed carefully to ensure that the product is safe to use, this is very achievable for most individuals but advice should be sought if concerned.

The Innova fitness IT9600 has a foldable frame so the unit can be stored easily when not in use.

Assistance by another person may be needed to move the folded table as it is 63 inches high and weighs 52lb (about as much as a bale of hay) so consider this if you will need to re position it regularly.

There are pins which secure the durable steel frame in place while in use giving it an extremely stable feel.

Innova fitness ITX9600 customer reviews

Innova fitness itx9600 review

Purchasers of the Innova fitness ITX 9600 heavy duty deluxe inversion therapy table are very complimentary in their reviews with many praising it for relieving back pain from a variety of conditions such as sciatica or degenerative arthritis giving almost instant relief in some cases.

Caution to gradually increase the incline (as with any inversion table) over time is reminded to newer users as is to use a spotter.

Although the Innova IT9600 should necessarily be described as a basic inversion therapy table, reviews do point out that it does not have special features such as massage, acupressure or heat but the cost is reflective of this, with the table being budget-friendly.

Users are impressed with the comfort when inverted, the easy adjustability for different heights or frames and the stability of the model but felt that the footrest would benefit from also being adjustable.

Users at the higher end of both the weight and height range report comfortable use and feeling safe and secure.


The Innova fitness ITX9600 inversion table certainly has many good features and recent improvements such as the ergonomic, reversible ankle holding system and the 6 angle pin slot system have added to its safety plus made it easier to adjust and use.

It has a low price making it appealing to new users who have yet to see whether an inversion therapy table will help them but this doesn’t make it flimsy product.

It has many design features and adjustable components which enhance the comfort of the inclined position and make it user-friendly.

Overall, a good choice with some excellent features at a low price.

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