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Best Inversion Boots Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

7 Best Inversion Boot Reviews

I’m sure there a lot of excellent inversion boot brands to choose from, but there are only a few who made it to the five best inversion boots.

It’s certainly a close competition between different brands because each possesses unique strengths.

Knowing this, carefully understand the inversion boots review below. Make a thorough check of each brand and take your pick.

Best Gravity Boots 2021

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

When it comes to inversion gadgets, you can’t miss Teeter gravity boots on the scene.

Created with light yet durable materials, these boots are definitely a top choice of many. The EZ-Up Gravity Boots can be coupled with Teeter EZ-Up Inversion Racks or Teeter Inversion Tables.

You can also conveniently place the boots inside your gym and perform inversions at gym pull-up bars since the hooks are compatible with most bar sizes.

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL Our Top Pick
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Shipping Weight: 5 Ibs
  • Max Weight 250 lb



  • As a tool for inversion therapy, the product is effective in relieving back pains, stretching the muscles, and building your core strength.
  • The materials used are comfortably soft to use even on barefoot. You can wear them easily and there is foam padding in the boots.
  • The material is very lightweight, so it’s quite portable to carry it with you anywhere.



  • Overhanging too much may hurt your ankles.
  • The hook, if not properly handled, could hurt your hands.
  • The boots don’t easily fit larger people.


Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots

Body Solid Boots are known for their affordability and quality. This set of gadgets alleviates back pain and muscle stress.

In addition, the GIB2 helps combat compression fatigue that results from exercises like jogging, cycling, and aerobics.

It also helps in spreading apart the discs of the spine. The device is designed with a single-locking mechanism and can be attached to any typical bar.

The support pads are contoured and extra pads are provided.

Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Max Weight 300 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 6 Ibs



  • Tagged with a not so expensive price, it is one of the best deals for gravity boots.
  • The materials used are quite sturdy so you can be confident that the product will last long.
  • The size can fit an average person so it will be able to cater to the general public.



  • Compared to other inversion table boots, this one only has a single-locking mechanism which you must take extra precaution. Ensure all locks are tightened before proceeding to inversion.
  • Furthermore, due to its limited adjust-ability, you may have to wear shoes when hanging in order for the device to get a good grip on your legs.


Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

This teeter hang ups gravity boots product is made of plastic and is durable and lightweight with only five pounds.

The boots are lined with very soft foams to provide maximum comfort while maintaining minimum compression. A double lock system is in place for safety purposes.

It is basically the same as the first product Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots, but this one is bigger and taller. Straps are adjustable to a number of inches when doing inversions.

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Shipping Weight: 5 Ibs
  • Max Weight 250 lb



  • These Teeter inversion boots can be utilized in tandem with other Teeter products like inversion racks, bars, or tables.
  • The device offers full ankle support and the double lock can give you the assurance of security during inversions.
  • It also works well in inverted exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and squats.


  • Since this is an XL version, it may not be a good fit for smaller persons as it is more inclined to taller or larger persons.
  • Since it is made of plastic, there must be an extra precaution in using this product to avoid breakage.


Tonyko Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Tonyko inversion boots will give you the versatility you need to perform a variety of exercises. The boot’s hooks are made of stainless steel and have double easy-to-install locks for your safety when walking.

One of the main benefits of using Tonyko inversion boots is the capacity to prevent and relieve several ailments that are usually caused by long-time standing and sitting.

In addition to the above benefits, you will also be guaranteed of ultimate comfort. Tonyko is a thick, comfortable high-density soft footwear. The design includes an NBR foam pad that protects your ankles and legs and ensures a perfect fit.


  • Come with easy-to-install locks
  • Offer great comfort-ability
  • Thick, high-density and soft
  • Come with NBR foam pad




  • Couldn’t be bent
  • Hinge could easily get busted


The great Teeter boots are back but with a conversion bar. This set is a package composed not only of the upside down boots but also with the adapter kit and CV bar.

Specifically designed for use with Teeter inversion tables (EP models & F-series), this package is effective in reducing the load on ankle joints and knee as you relieve the pressure from the spine and ultimately the back pains and tensions.

best inversion boots


  • The boots are blended with a Dupont Hytrel material which could effectively lessen pressure points and reduce compression of your spine and vertebrae discs.
  • You can bring inversion to the next level since the Adapter Kit is included in this package.
  • The experience is more comfortable and safer.



  • Setting up these boots to your ankle and then to bars or tables may take longer.
  • The product is a little expensive due to the addition of the adapter kit, but the results it produces are worth it.


Goliath Labs Gravity Boots

Geared towards upper strength training, this device is a must-have for core workouts.

This pair of boots allows you to be suspended on any pull-up bar while performing core exercises for body toning.

Extra soft padding is added to avoid stress on ankles. These boots are enforced with double latches to ensure secure attachment to any bar.

Unlike other gravity inversion boots that require effort and time to attach to your ankles, this one can be attached easily.



  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of this pair of boots is its convenience during wearing. If you are on a rush, this is the right boots for you since it only takes a few seconds to set it up and then you’re good to go.
  • Since it’s not as bulky as other gravity boots, the portability for this item is very high.


  • Compared to other boots, the Goliath Labs Gravity Boot does not provide superb padding which might hurt your ankle during the inversion.
  • There is only one strap so you have to take extra precaution in using this product.


Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots

This is another comfortable pair of inversion boots that you can consider purchasing. Hanging pull up boots are made of foam with steel for ultimate strength. These boots have padded sides for comfort and contoured fit around your ankles.

If you have been experiencing back pains or muscle spasms, then this is a great pair of boots to purchase. In addition, you can use these boots to relieve and stretch your neck, shoulder and back muscles.

Hanging these fitness gravity boots upside down gives you other benefits like stretching muscles and spreading compressed spinal discs, ultimately relieving back pain. Its durable stainless steel hooks and locking clips give you the safety you deserve.



  • Strong with foam made of steel.
  • Designed with padded sides.
  • Gives contoured fit.
  • Safe with durable stainless steel hooks and locking clips.


  • Not very comfortable for many users.

What are Inversion Boots?

Inversion boots, also known as gravity boots, are inversion therapy tools strapped around your ankle and attached to a sturdy bar before hanging upside down.

In order to grab the best gravity boots, take a good look at the best gravity boots review to guide you in your choice.

Since quality is a crucial factor for the product’s effectiveness, you have to make a careful examination of the different inversion boots available out there.

Benefits of Using The Best Inversion Boots

Prolonged sitting, standing, or any similar activity done for extended periods of time creates an impact on our bodies, considering we are all subject to gravitational force.

The gravity boots are an effective way to counter this force and therefore, promote the following benefits:

  • During inversion therapy, the spine is being elongated because of the downward pull of your own weight. This, in turn, creates traction on the spine and relieves any pressure experienced around nerve roots and spine discs because of compression.
  • Your headaches could be reduced by the realignment of your spine, relaxation of muscles, decreased stress levels and increased blood circulation.
  • Your breathing capacity will improve because of a stronger diaphragm. Inversion therapy will allow the lower part of your lungs to function more efficiently.
  • Gravity boots very effective for back pain and neck pain.



When You Don’t Use Gravity Boots

Before use any inversion therapy contact with your doctors. If you have following condition don’t use gravity boots for now:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Bone or joint disorder e.g. Osteoporosis, major spinal injury etc.
  • Cardiovascular problems e.g. High blood pressure etc.

Guide to Using Inversion Boots

Below are simple steps on how to use gravity boots:

Step-1: If it’s your first time, get someone to accompany you. Hanging upside down poses a certain amount of risk, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Step-2: Find a pull-up bar that is firm enough to support ten times your weight. If you can’t secure one, there are plenty of pull-up bars on gyms.

Step-3: Secure the straps on the boots and tightly buckle them. Most inversion boots employ two straps as an increased safety measure.

Step-4: Hold on to the sides of the pull-up bar and make sure to firmly attach the boot hooks to the bar before letting go.

Step-5: Perform any exercise you can do while inverting, depending on your needs. Once done, grab the pull-bar handles using both hands. If it’s difficult for you to do this, use your hands to gradually scale up your legs and then reach the bar.

Comparing Inversion Boots vs Inversion Tables

Both types of equipment share the same goal of relieving back pain. Let’s take a look at the different angles of comparison between the two.

  • The Size: Inversion tables are obviously larger than boots, so you will definitely need to have adequate space to accommodate them. The boots, on the other hand, can be brought anywhere conveniently. You can even place an inversion boot inside your favorite gym bag.
  • The Experience: While both devices require you to be upside down with your ankle fixed on a latch or footrest, they have different capacities once you are inverted. For the inversion table, you can lay your back on the surface of the table board that can be rotated according to your preference. The boots, on the other hand, will allow you to be freely suspended, giving you the freedom to do any physical exercise you would like to do.
  • The Cost: Inversion tables are much more expensive than inversion boots since they are bulkier. The difference in price is quite high, so you can just imagine the savings you get for buying inversion boots over inversion tables.

Is it safe to use Gravity Boots?

Using hang upside down boots involves a potential falling hazard which could cause bodily injuries.

This is highly possible if you are not careful in ensuring that the buckles are fully tightened and the boots are completely hooked onto the pull-up bar. 

Also, a possible scenario is being stuck upside down. To avoid cases like these, always let a friend observe you while doing inversion therapy. Other studies show that hanging boots promote blood pressure or eye problems. This may be true especially when the person already has an existing medical condition or history even before the activity.

For average people, however, there is no alarming harm to be afraid of.

A purchased pair of boots always includes an instruction manual on how to operate the gadget. Thus, be diligent to follow every item listed on it.

How do you choose the Best Inversion Boots 2021?

Choosing the best gravity boots can be a dilemma during your first purchase.

While there are a lot of brand players in the market, there is something you can do on your part.

Before anything else, make your own research on the famous brands of inversion boots out there. Take time to learn about the product and compare it with other brands. The main consideration of the boots is its material.

The durability of the product is the key to make inversion activities safe as well as ensure that the product you have purchased will last long.

Aside from durability, we all want to make every activity an enjoyable experience, so it’s vital to choose the material that will give you the highest comfort.

Pads are commonly included in the package but see to it that the material is not too soft that it won’t hold your legs nor too hard that it will hurt your ankles.

Lastly, read a teeter gravity boots review to have a comprehensive idea of the different brands.

Read more about: Best Inversion Table. We have included well-researched information and best performance table.



Purchasing gravity boots is not something you do on a personal whim.

If you truly understand the benefits you can reap from the product as you have learned from this gravity boots review, it is a wise investment.

From relieving back pains to enhancing blood circulation, inversion boots are quite a great tool for total physical health improvement.

It’s undeniably worth your money.

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