Inversion Table Therapy For Back Pain in 2021

inversion table therapy
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Introducing : What Is Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion table therapy is a medical procedure that involves putting the body towards the ground or at an inverted position. The legs, ankles or feet are left hanging with the aim of obtaining therapeutic benefits. One ought to ensure that one has assistance to get out of the inversion table therapy. Look:

This treatment method now wildly accepted due to the range of problems that it has helped to treat. In fact, the US army is developing its formula of this therapy that they will use in the next millennium. In performing inversion therapy, the harmful effects of gravity reduce.

Examples of:

[su_note radius=”2″]Such effects are back pain or issues with load bearing joints in the body. The main benefits are reducing stress, detoxifying body organs and tissues, and improving the performance.[/su_note]

Researchers, trainers, and scientists have confirmed these health benefits of inversion therapy. There is more to be discovered from the field, studies tell us.

This therapy can be performed by using inversion chairs, inversion therapy tables or using gravity boots to hang upside down.

One could also use the old traditional methods of yoga or “aerobic yoga” which has got more recognition over the past years.

We cannot,However, say that this idea was recently adopted. There is evidence of its practice in ancient times, primarily by secret societies.

These secret societies were special groups of people that knew about the tremendous good such therapy can do.

Because of it, they outclassed other members of their respective societies.

And did you also know that some wild animals practice inversion therapy?


They are that intelligent and archaeologists have also attested to that. Monkeys and bats have been practicing this therapy from way back.


Pros & Cons : Need To Know Before Hangup

Now we have looked what inversion therapy, we need to clarify what are its specific benefits. Also, are there any side effects? Practicing this type of therapy has many benefits as you may have noted above. Nonetheless, it has its effects too.


[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Reduce spinal discs space.
  • Relieve lower back pain.
  • Improve flexibility of the back muscles and core.



[su_list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#ff1010″ class=””]

  • Can increase spinal bone fragility.
  • Incorrect application can lead to spinal and head injuries.
  • One always needs to do this therapy under the supervision of someone.


Do Inversion Therapy Work

Before starting the journey of fixing your back problem,

It’s natural to be inquisitive on its ability to deliver. Inversion table therapy involves taking an upside-down posture to reduce the level of stress exerted by gravity and body weight.

You see,

All of the back pain problems caused by large pressure exerted in the back in one way or another. Inversion therapy handles that.

Sports personalities, distinguished writers, and medical experts have all attested to that.


this form of therapy has added benefits too. It improves blood circulations, digestion, and physical fitness.

Despite all that, Harvard claims that there is no scientific back up to this widely popular procedure.


What Inversion Therapy Treats Best

This method treats a wide range of body problems.

In the next paragraphs,

We will take a closer look at what this therapy treats best. We will tell you how the healing process works. Experts well document all the problems we discuss.

1. Back Pain : Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Back pain is a condition that affects almost everyone in life.

In fact,

Back pain has caused numerous visits to the doctor. People miss important events or even miss days at work.

It causes pain and discomfort one would yearn to get rid of;

Back pain usually affects people in the age range of 35 to 55 years; it can still affect anyone though. It is not usually a severe situation.

The causes of back pain are

The human back consists of the backbone necessary for support and upright posture. This backbone is made up of a complex structure of bones, ligaments, and tendons. 

Having problems with these structures can ultimately result to back pain.

Below is a list of causes of back pain:

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • The most common cause is straining the back through either lifting something weighty or lifting an object improperly. Abrupt and awkward movement can also be the cause of back pain.
  • A rupture in disks, necessary for covering the spine, will increase pressure on the nerves causing back pain.
  • Poor bedding cause back pain. Sleeping on a bad mattress that does not support specific body parts which keep the straight spine poses a significant risk of having back pain.
  • Infections and diseases in the human back can also result in back pain. The infections may affect parts of the nerves.
  • Adopting wrong sitting positions can result in back and shoulder pain with time.
  • Factors such as pregnancy, obesity, stressful jobs, anxiety, depression, and smoking have a higher risk of developing back pains.


Management of inversion therapy

Inversion table therapy allows the body to relieve pressure by using body weight and gravity. 

This therapy elongates the back thus relaxing tense muscles leading to pain being relieved.

The concept here is decompressing the body using the same forces that had initially compressed the body while in an upright position.

Using this method used to treat back pains is also applicable in treating the pain caused by spinal degenerative joint diseases.


The therapy will help to stimulate the release of synovial fluid which nourishes the cartilage and improves absorption of shock.

The movement and stretching involved also improves the strength of the ligaments and cartilage that support crucial joints which prevent the back from getting injured. 

2. Sciatica : Eliminate Sciatica At Home

Sciatica is characterized by pain in the legs, and also weakness, prickling or feelings of being numb.

It originates from the lower parts of the human back moving through the buttocks to the sciatic nerve. These nerves located in the lower part of each leg.

Sciatica is a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Someone with this condition will experience extreme pain when sitting, weakness while moving a leg, constant pain in a side of the buttock or leg, or difficulties to stand or walk due to the pain.

While sciatica can be painful, permanent damage to the sciatic nerve and the involvement of the spinal cord is infrequent.

The causes of sciatica are

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Lumbar Herniated disc- This occurs when the disc leaks out its soft inner contents through the fibrous outer core, irritating the nerve roots.
  • Isthmic, spondylolisthesis- It happens when one of the vertebral bodies slip forward on the other due to a small stress fracture.
  • Piriformis syndrome- The piriformis muscle is located in the buttock, a path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve can thus get irritated by this muscle and cause pain.
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction- The Sacroiliac joint located at the bottom of the spine. And at other times, this joint can irritate the L5 nerve lying on top of it causing pain.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis- Sciatica arises from this condition due to its effect on the narrowing of the spinal canal. This condition is common to adults over the age of 60.
  • Degenerative, disc disease- It is a typical situation that comes with old age. To some people though, this natural process in the lower back can irritate a nerve root causing sciatica.


Inversion therapy for sciatica

When a patient takes inversion therapy to cure sciatica, they can recover more quickly from it. They are also less likely to experience sciatica shortly after treatment.

They will require engaging in an inversion table therapy program that involves gentle exercises.

This exercises will help strengthen the ligaments and cartilage preventing them from exposure to injury.

But when the situation becomes very severe, it may come to a point where the patient can’t even climb to the table due to the pain.

At this moment,

One will have to rest for a day or two to manage the situation. However, proceeding with the therapy for more than the two days will result in more pain if one has severe pains. Inactivity increases pain and leads to deconditioning.

3. Mental health: Improved naturally with inversion

inversion table therapy

Mental health is when a person experiences a state of well-being psychologically. And thus able to function satisfactorily both emotionally and behaviorally.

Inversion therapy has been shown to improve the well-being of persons who practice it regularly.

Notable people have openly claimed to use inversion therapy almost daily without fail.

They include Dan Brown, the famous writer who uses it to get mental clarity when writing his novels.

The reason is,

As a person tries inversion therapy, notably blood flow increases leading to blood rich in oxygen nourishing the brain cells.

Inversion therapy also reduces stress and depression. That is due to the increase of circulation in the brain.

It leads to the circulation of endorphins or the ‘good mood’ hormones which provide a therapeutic effect on the body thus causing relaxation.

It infers that inversion tables improve mental health.

A well-rested brain leads to better mental health.

Thus it is essential for an individual to correctly rested every day. Although everyone tries to get a good night’s sleep, insomnia always tries to creep in. It leads to poor mental health.

Therefore, when an individual tries to use inversion therapy, the muscle tension decreases by 35 percent.

Every time an individual who has tried inversion therapy or has an inversion therapy table go to bed, they never find it hard to sleep.

4. Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease : Fix At Home

Joints are essential parts of the human body where two bones meet, facilitating support and movements.

Where the joints meet is cartilage which holds together the bones and provides support. They also cushion the bones and prevent them from grinding between each other.

Spinal degenerative joint diseases come up when the shock-absorbing cartilage present in the spinal bones cease to function.

The cartilage becomes inflamed, wears out and finally gets lost.

It is a common disease affecting many adults due to the age.

When one gets old,

The cartilage starts to wear out. This condition affects almost a third of the adult population over the age of 65.

The Causes of spinal degenerative joint disease

Aging causes spinal degenerative joint disease. When one age, the body goes through the normal wear and tear.

There are other factors though, as the following:

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  • Lack of body engagements in physical regular activities or exercises.
  • Smoking habits wear down the cartilage.
  • Poor eating habits by not engaging in balanced diet meals
  • Lifting cumbersome objects over an extended period. Also, making excessive movements often found in jobs that include hard manual labor.
  • Carrying more weight your body can handle.
  • Gender as women are more prone to spinal degenerative joint disease than men.
  • Repetitive injuries to the spinal joints.


If you suspect that you are at the risk of contracting a spinal degenerative joint disease, you should visit your doctor. Also, you can get an inversion therapy table and start working out.

Managing through inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is the natural and most effective way to treat and manage the spinal degenerative joint disease.

You will save yourself all the resources by merely searching for an inversion table. You can easily find one by simply looking up online for a model that suits your needs.

This table helps decompress the spaces in the vertebrae helping them to rehydrate and becoming functional again.

They are introduced back into the disc making it more resilient in the face of pressure. Inflammation reduced as well.

This method has proven with a study group of 229 people that have recorded. From the whole group, 86 percent declared they felt better after treatment.

5. Muscle Tension : Release Muscle Tension Fast

inversion table therapy

Muscle tension happens as a result of the seizing of muscles. The condition is always frustrating, annoying and painful because you can’t want for it to go away.

The typical symptoms of muscle tension include tightness or a feeling of being pulled from the muscles, spasms, and cramping.

It can happen at once like a once stabbing pain or for a prolonged period of steady pain.

Some people find this pain unbearable.

There are cases where medical visits are needed to identify and relieve the pain one is having.

The effect level of muscle tension varies from one person to another as it can be brief for a person whole persistent to the other.


The number of muscles it affects varies as well. It can affect a group of muscles or just a single one.

The causes of muscle tension are

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Being stressful, worried, anxious or fearful – Hormones are secreted and released into the bloodstream from where they will then travel to target organs. The aim of all this is to bring out physical, emotional or psychological changes to the body to react to the threat, by either fighting or fleeing.
  • However, the change can occur frequently making the muscles remain tense for an extended period in a bid to remain ready. It brings about hyper-stimulation making the muscles remain tight.
  • A poor posture that happens as a result of poor sitting habits can result in chronic muscle pain, and also a back pain as we had seen earlier.
  • Repetitive injury to either the joints, muscles, tendons or soft tissues – The body can try to protect themselves by tightening the area where the injury took place.


Managing through inversion therapy

This therapy uses the body weight and gravity to elongate the spine, stretch the muscles and tendons relieving pressure. The reduced pressure will thus help the muscle contracted to soften significantly.

A study group recently found out that an inversion therapy table reduces muscle tension by 35 percent in just 10 seconds of usage. You can be part of the group by getting yourself such a table.

6. Herniated Disc : Inversion Exercise

A herniated disc is the most common cause of back and neck pains. This condition normally occurs at the lower back or thee small discs in the neck and can be very painful.

However, its treatment is easier, often involving non-surgical means within just a few months.

A herniated disc occurs when a disc protrudes out of the vertebrae in the spine.

At other times, the exterior sections of the vertebrae may tear off, and its contents will leak out.

It puts pressure on the nerves exiting the spine causing pain, weakness, inflammation, and numbness. 

There are times when people don’t experience symptoms of a herniated disc making it easier to correct the problem.

Causes of a herniated disc

It is usually difficult for people to state the primary cause of a herniated disc accurately.

It can, however, be caused by using the back muscles to lift cumbersome objects instead of using the thigh muscles.

Also turning or twisting abruptly, while lifting heavy objects, can also be the cause of this condition.

It is very rare though for one to get a herniated disc problem by falling.

Here are some of the other causes of a herniated disc:

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  • Aging – The herniated disc is usually as a result of aging. As one grows older, disk degeneration through wear and tear does happen. The discs also lose its water content making it more rigid, thus becoming prone to rupture even when exposed to a minor twist.
  • Weight – When someone is overweight, or obese, one is prone to a herniated disc due to extra pressure on the discs.
  • Occupation – Jobs which involves lots of lifting have more significant chances of getting this problem. The excess lifting puts more stress on the disc and can result in a rapture.
  • Genes – the problem can be inherited by acquiring a predisposition that ultimately leads to herniated disc complications.


Inversion therapy for herniated disc

Inversion therapy uses its idea of gravity and reduced stress also to cure this problem. By lying in an upside down position, a natural form of stretching and traction is provided in the discs.

The reduction in pressure gives space for fluids rich in nutrients to access deeper into the discs providing nourishment.

Reduced stress can also result in the discs getting back into their original position.

Newcastle doctors have researched to see the effectiveness of the inversion therapy. Clear results show that most patients feel an improvement in pain relief immediately after treatment.

7. Spinal Stenosis : Risk Free Exercises

This is a condition caused as a result of osteoarthritis, a contraction of the spinal channel that causes a pinching sensation at the spinal cord or nerve roots.

This condition usually affects older people above the age of 50. The level of effect in this disease varies from an individual to another.

A patient with spinal stenosis can, however, engage in regular exercise to boost flexibility and reduce pain. The choice of cure will depend on the severity of the condition. The pinching of the spinal cord or nerve roots will result in pain, weakness or numbness.

This effects can be felt on legs, the lower back, shoulder or neck, depending on the place that the narrowing took place. It can also cause the thickening of ligaments at the back or the bulge of discs which separate the vertebrae. The pain as a result of spinal stenosis starts out slow but turns to be very extreme with time.

It can get to a point where even small body movements bring great pain. Thus, you may find individuals with this condition lean on things to get some support.

The causes of spinal stenosis are

Spinal stenosis can be developed by the activities of one while carrying out his/her activities. The diseases maybe also acquired by inheriting it from an older generation.

Below are also other ways through which spinal stenosis can occur:

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Genetic predisposition and spinal stenosis can move from one generation to the other. The genes, in this case, carry predisposition which hardens the cartilage in the spine making the spine to be compressed.
  • Aging – The body fluids and nutrients become limited. The fluids that were initially present in the spine begin to disappear making the spinal canal to constrict.
  • Physical activities – The tissues break down due to the normal wear and tear movements by the body. That affects the spinal column making it narrower than it was previously, as it tears down the cartilage.
  • In more extreme cases, a spinal tumor or Paget’s disease cause narrowing of the spine.
  • Arthritis also causes spinal stenosis as it tears away the protective cartilage surrounding the joints.
  • Accidents or sudden trauma.


While all these other cases mentioned can be linked to the cause of spinal stenosis, degeneration in the spine caused by aging is the primary cause of the disease.

Inversion therapy for spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be managed through the use of this treatment method. By participating in gentle stretching exercises, your spinal column will be open to nourishment.

Body fluids will make their way into the cartilage giving it the ability to regenerate itself.

Also, the exercise will strengthen the cartilage making it better withstand pressure. Lying in an inverted position will also be beneficial to the spinal muscles because they will be relieved from pressure.

8. Muscle Spasm : Relieve Naturally

Muscle spasm is a painful condition. It can make you rush to the nearest emergency room when it attacks.

This condition, however, sends two important messages to the body. The first one is that the activity it’s currently doing is dangerous.

It should stop.

The second point can be a sign that there is something slightly wrong with the spine.

Muscle spasm is among the most common causes of back pain experienced by people. It is a protective tactic by the body to any overuse that can result in the injury of the muscles.

Muscle spasm often characterized by sudden, involuntary and painful movements in the muscles.

It occurs in a series of contractions causing the muscles to move outwards. Muscles spasm is very painful, and at other times, they can fail to stop and keep on recurring.

If this happens,

immediate medical care should be taken to find out if there can be an underlying medical issue that will require medical attention.

Muscle pain can, however, be prevented by physical exercises, high water intake, eating foods rich in magnesium and calcium, and also proper nutrition.

Causes of muscle spasm

A broad range of issues always causes muscle spasm; they include;

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Overuse of the muscles; when doing physical activities or work, the muscles are overworked and can get overstretched. It usually occurs in activities which require excessive strain such as lifting heavy weights.
  • Sign of an underlying medical condition that requires attention; in a period of 1 to 2 weeks after the muscle spasm has occurred, the condition may persist and occur from time to time. It can also occur in the same place repeatedly.
  • An anatomical problem. The muscle responds to the anatomical pain and inflammation gets going on in the spine through muscle spasm.
  • Being involved in an activity or situation that requires turning back immediately or repeatedly such as when playing golf.
  • Holding the muscles in the same place or position for prolonged periods of time: This will make the muscle not receive proper circulations and blood flow. Such an act will make the hand to be exhausted and inactive. In a bid to ensure that the muscles get the circulation it requires, the arm will go into a spasm to send the message.


Management through inversion therapy

You can efficiently manage muscle spasm by using inversion therapy. The therapy relaxes muscles from tension and contractions. These two are the major cause of muscle spasm.Inversion therapy does also provide relief to pain experienced through muscle spasm.In fact,This therapy comes as a prayer answered to people with this condition as it can relieve pain within seconds. You can check the reviews online to find a table that is suitable for you.

9. Physical Fitness: Side Effects Free Fitness

inversion table

Physical exercise using inversion therapy has started to become a favorite trend as daily practitioners and skeptics are trying it out, all with positive outcomes.Due to the observed benefits of inversion therapy,

The US military is planning to include inversion therapy into its physical training exercises.

Inversion therapy tables are designed to stretch the back simply. The user may decide to be partially or fully inverted and be able to do exercises.

The exercises may include inverted squats, inverted crunches, inverted sit-ups, and inverted rotation. These simple exercises complement each other together with the inversion therapy.

Therapists and businesses that sell inversion therapy tables highly recommend doing these exercises.

According to inversion therapy review sites, it has noted that when older persons use the inversion therapy table, it stops them from shrinking due to old age.

Thus they maintain their original height tile old age. The feeling of being able to control how your body behaves gives inversion therapy users contentment and lifts them both physically and emotionally.

Inversion therapy increases the physical wellbeing of a person as he/she starts to feel beautiful.

It is because inversion therapy helps fix the posture of the individual.

Therefore, he/she gets a graceful and perfect pose that ultimately improves on confidence. Inversion therapy also helps remove acne that may have formed on the skin.

Thus the practitioner is guaranteed of having natural glowing skin.

Through the use of inversion table, it has noted that there is an increase in cognitive benefits and increased energy to the user.

When inversion therapy table exercises combined with back strengthening exercise, it helps appropriately align the back thus assisting people to correct wrong postures that they may have.

As ligaments hold the body together, inversion helps make them stronger due to the reduction of stress on them.

The advantages of this are that it increases the blunt force that the ligaments can take thus reducing any occurrence of a bone-breaking accident.

Inversion therapy helps to improve digestion.

The practice of laying in an inversion therapy table helps the internal body organs move, e.g., stomach and intestines and aid in digestion.

Indigestion which attributed to stress and anxiety is severely reduced thus allowing the person to enjoy his day stress-free.

10. Degenerative Disc Disease : Relieve At Home

The term degenerative means that symptoms will get worse with age. However, in this case, it does not imply to the symptoms.

It instead describes the act of the disc degenerating over time with an increase in age. Despite what the name also suggests here, degenerative disc disease is not a disease but rather a condition which naturally occurs to almost everyone at an older age.

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most misunderstood conditions causing pain the neck and lower back.

It caused by wear and tear of parts in the spinal disc. It comes in association with feelings of weakness, numbness and tingling pains in part of the arms or legs.

It is most common in the neck though. It is because the neck parts undergo most stress, motion and also exposition to disc degeneration.

This condition does not result in a movement inability for extended periods of time. It can be easily treated using non-surgical means.

Disc generation does progress over time, but the pain due to disc degeneration does not get worse with age.

It gets better with time. Degenerative disc disease is a condition that will affect everybody in life.

The symptoms will, however, vary greatly depending on every person. It can, however, add the severity of another spinal disease like spinal stenosis.


Causes of degenerative disc disease

Degenerating disc disease can’t cause pain in itself, its effect on the nearing body parts do. Pain resulting from degenerative disc disease usually comes from:

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • Inflammation of the proteins – At times, inflammatory proteins from the interior of the disc can leak out due to degeneration. It will result in swelling of parts surrounding structures in the spine. The swelling will cause muscle spasms or tension. If the nerve roots become affected by the swelling, feelings of weakness and pain felt. This feeling will move to the part of the body where the nerve was headed.
  • Age – When you are born, your spine is made up of water mostly. But as you continue to age, the spine loses water and start getting thinner. They can’t absorb water as much as they used to do before. It makes them have less cushion in between the vertebrae. The discs will thus have high friction when rubbing with one another causing pain.
  • Injuries – everyday movements can cause a crack in the outer wall of the spine that contain the nerves. It will thus cause pain as any tear near the nerve is painful.


Management using inversion therapy

This method is ideal for treating generative disc disease. By lying the body in an inverted position, stress and compression in the disc are relieved.

It is through the use of gravity and body weight. Also, gentle exercise strengthens the grip of the discs to one another stopping the release of inflammatory proteins. Inflammatory protein causes pain by damaging the nerves.

Using the inversion therapy table increases the motion of the fluids inside the spines making it more hydrated.

11. Spinal Curvature Due To Tight Muscles: Risk-Free

Spinal curvature due to tight muscles does not mostly have an explanation for its cause. In fact, it estimated that 80 percent of people having spinal curvature is due to tight muscles. It is otherwise called scoliosis.

and the exact cause for the condition is unknown.

The primary cause of idiopathic scoliosis is involuntary movements in the muscles usually as a result of repetitive activities, stress, and injury.

This condition is weird because one might want to move a muscle, but that muscle simply does not respond.

This case here is caused by the messages sent by the nervous system not to move the muscles.  The muscles cause movement of the bones.

The nervous system controls the muscles.


if the nervous system decides not to move the muscles, no amount of stretching, lengthening or massage can change that.

Spinal curvature due to tight muscles always caused when the spine takes sides in its arrangement. It has an unusual arrangement, not the usual up-and-down one.

It estimated that 2 percent of the population suffers from this infection. It usually displays itself during childhood or adolescence.

In some rare cases, during adulthood. Exercises like using the inversion therapy table do help in managing this condition. However, seek advice first from your doctor.

Causes of spinal curvature due to tight muscle

As the name suggests, the curvature of the spines caused by tight muscles. Spinal curvature due to tight muscles has proved to be difficult for the doctors to find its exact cause

In fact, 80 percent of scoliosis cases cannot be traced by the doctors earning it the name ‘idiopathic.’ It means that disease has no cause.

The primary source of idiopathic infections is through inheritance. Doctors have noted that this disease mostly spreads from one person to the other along family line generation.

Other causes that are linked to the cause of spinal curvature due to tight muscle include;

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • The congenital disabilities are the development of bones by the fetus. This complication occurs when the baby develops bones while still in the womb.
  • At other times, injuries or infections happen in the spine, affecting the curvature of the spine.
  • The neuromuscular conditions are like cerebral palsy.


Management of tight muscles

Inversion therapy is identified as the best cure for spinal curvature due to tight muscles.

An inversion therapy table will allow you to face downwards using the head while the feet are up. The act relieves pressure and stress in the spine due to body weight.

The reduction in pressure and stress will reduce the pain experienced by the patient due to this condition.


the gravity and body involved in setting oneself in an inverted position will be able to improve blood flow in the spine. It reduces the number of back spasms in the body.

12. Facet Syndrome: Home Management

Facet joint syndrome is a condition in which a person experiences pain between two vertebrae in their spine.

The facet joints allow rhythmic motions required by humans to move, twist and perform other regular movements. Facet syndrome is common, and many people have it but don’t realize it; this is because most people don’t get checked out to find the reasons for pain in their joints.

The different types of facet syndrome conditions are cervical facet syndrome and lumbar facet syndrome.

Cervical facet syndrome is characterized by difficulty in turning the neck left or right.

On the other side, lumbar facet syndrome is characterized by difficulty in doing necessary things such as straightening and getting up from a chair or bed.

There are other symptoms that a person may experience. They include:

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • The spine may start to curve abnormally.
  • A slight or recurring discomfort when leaning.
  • The feeling of tenderness occurs in the lower, middle and upper back region.
  • There may be the occurrence of headaches occurring behind your eyes or a slight ringing in the ears.


The facet syndrome disorder may sound like a critical condition. Methods which alleviate the pain had been tried and tested.

The trending method is inversion therapy which has delivered positive results. Although the facet syndrome condition is common, it rarely involves the spinal nerves of the body.

Cause of facet syndrome

There is a myriad of ways in which facet syndrome is caused. They include:

[su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#043ad4″ class=””]

  • The older a person is, the more likely he/she can get faucet syndrome. It is due to the wearing down of cartilages with time and eventually rubbing against each other.
  • The intervertebral lose water content, and the spinal column shows how the bones have aged throughout the years. It is a sign of facet syndrome.
  • The disk narrowing and degenerations are theorized to play a meaningful role in facet joint dysfunction. It is due to increased pressure exerted on the body and the subsequent Osteoarthritis. It is because of repetitive stress meted out on the body by various forces.
  • Genetics might play a role in this syndrome. A gene carrying the facet syndrome may be passed from generation to generation and infect some people connected along the line. Studies are inconclusive about this.
  • Lack of exercise and leading a sedentary lifestyle can increase the chances of getting facet syndrome. A sedentary lifestyle may weaken the bones due to limited exercise. It leads to weaker cartilages of the bones and thus accelerated wear and tear.
  • Trauma may also lead to facet disease. It is because the vertebral joints, in particular, can lead to facet disease when the cartilage is damaged or injured.
  • People that implicated in heavy repeated physical activities are prone to getting faucet syndrome.
  • An obese person may experience this condition.


Management with inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is a treatment which involves a patient stays upside-down at an inverted angle lying on a table.

This kind of therapy has been shown to relieve pain felt by a person affected by facet syndrome.

As facet pain caused by strain on the joints of the body, the therapy helps reduce the compression formed in the joints through spinal decompression.

13. Inversion Therapy: Improved Blood Circulation

inversion therapy

Inversion table helps a person to breathe comfortably. It is because when you invert the position of the lungs, it becomes more pristine.

It thus leads to better oxygen bring collected from the upper part of the lungs. It improves the air circulation around the body as the air starts circulated efficiently.

For persons with breathing difficulties, it becomes easier to inhale and exhale as the effort significantly reduced.

Varicose veins that are swollen and enlarged, usually occur on the legs and feet. The main cause of varicose veins is the stagnation of blood in the lower parts of the body.

Inversion therapy helps to clear up varicose veins through gradual draining of the blood through gravity.

When inverting using an inversion therapy table,

The heart rate slows down. Slow heartbeat reduces the effort of the heart to pump blood, relieving the heart a little.

Enzymes are released from the mind to the heart to signal the need to reduce its rhythm.

It thus forces it to slow and cool down.

However, some people advised against trying inversion therapy especially if they have severe cardiovascular diseases and an enlarged heart disorder.

They are advised to seek medical advice before trying using inversion therapy table.

Drawing The Conclusions

It is now clear that inversion therapy is indeed a silent doctor.

It treats a wide range of diseases and infections. It also improves productivity in the human body by easing things on various factors such as digestion and blood flow.

Therefore, having a table in order to lie in an inverted position will not only help to cure your infections but also help you keep physically fit and with a healthy body.

After all, a healthy body is the home of an efficient brain.

If one has good health, one can live a happy life. We hope that the information mentioned above will prove to be useful for every individual.

One can implement the therapy in their lives and their loved ones in an effective manner.

Do use this treatment method appropriately and adequately so that you take the maximum advantage of it.

If you modify your lifestyle a little bit, it would bring positive change in your health and would help you stay fit.

People that implemented this therapy in their lives have yet to regret it.


Many claims that they have a better, healthier life since they added this therapy method into their daily schedules. It might Be the next big change for you as well.

Lets comments any question about inversion therapy or tell us about your success.

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