Teeter ep 970 Inversion Table Review 2021

Teeter 970 inversion table
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Inversion tables are a great alternative to spinal surgeries They are extremely advantageous and help to expand blood dissemination, ease muscle pressure and fits, and above all, alleviate the pain in the back and related areas.

In this article, you will be given the Teeter ep 970 inversion table review.

Safety and Design

All Teeter models are FDA endorsed. This is awesome as it sets Teeter items apart from others, as well as offers an assurance when buying these inversion tables.

You are purchasing an item that has been confirmed by the FDA as an apparatus for therapeutic help.You are purchasing an item that has been confirmed by the FDA as an apparatus for therapeutic help.

Along these lines, if utilized appropriately, it will only profit you in the years to come. The Teeter ep 970 inversion table is made of fantastic steel to make it more and more sturdy.

It additionally accompanies a five-year guarantee, so as you can see, the item you’re obtaining is great.

Moreover, it incorporates security details which we will talk about in detail.

Product Features of Teeter Hang Up EP 970

The Teeter ep 970 inversion table incorporates numerous features like auto-bolt pivots, cam bolts and turns orientation to give as much security as required while inverting.

It incorporates lower back support and EZ-edge ties with preset markings at 20,40 and 60 degrees to empower expanded help while extending.

It likewise offers back help through its Lumbar Bridge include. Footing handles are found on this reversal table to ease extending while the shaped bed is smooth to the point that you can without much of a stretch proceed onward it while you upset. 

Teeter Hang Up EP 970 Review

Yet, that is not all-its wrap-around lower leg mugs are planned with the end goal that you don’t have to twist a ton while appending them.Besides, the exactness pivot control is ideal for you to move your body weight while reversing and after that arrival to an upright position.

Teeter Hang Up EP 970 Pros and Cons


The Teeter ep 970 inversion table accompanies every one of the advantages the Teeter reversal tables line brings to the table alongside every one of the accessories required for better results.

It takes into account individuals with statures between 4 feet 8 crawls to 6 feet 6 inches and weighs of up to 300 lbs.


This is probably one of the most expensive inversion tables around.



The greater part of the highlights of the Teeter ep 970 reversal table lies in its solace.

From its wrap-around ankles to the exactness of the control rotation feature, each component is outlined such that you will be exceptionally comfortable while inverting.

Teeter comprehends that inversion itself requires a strategy for you to be able to alleviate your torment.

Hence, it has ensured that its inversion table is as agreeable as conceivable so that you only need to focus on inverting.


Assemble and Storage

The best thing about this inversion table is that it has a five-step program for amassing.

With the Teeter ep 970 inversion table, gone are the days you invest hours amassing your inversion table just to restart without any preparation once you understand that you missed a stage. 

What’s good about the Teeter ep 970 reversal table is that it is totally foldable! This implies that you should simply unfurl the table-which takes seconds-whenever you wish to invert.

After you are finished with inversting, all you have to do is to fold it and keep it away.

There is no reason to dismantle your reversal table. 

In addition, this collapsing system guarantees that the Teeter ep 970 does not consume any pointless space.


Teeter Hang Up EP 970 Customer Review

If despite everything you have any quires regarding the Teeter ep 970 inversion table, you can simply look to customer reviews.

These reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive for all Teeter products and the Teeter ep 970 inversion table is no special case.

This inversion table has the reputation of giving the best service accessible to its clients.

Reviews truly say that it’s the first and the best inversion table they have ever purchased.

Truth be told, even a while after utilizing, a lot of customers don’t care for saying goodbye to their inversion table in view of how well it has served them.


Taking everything into account, I’ve furnished you with a comprehensive account of the Teeter ep 970 inversion table.

Ideally, in the wake of reading this review, you will have seen precisely how helpful this inversion table is.

The Teeter organization has three and a half decades worth of involvement in the inversion table market, making them a trust-able source to purchase an inversion table from.

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